Principal Investigator

Jennifer Felder, PhD

Jennifer N. Felder, PhD, is an Assistant Professor and clinical psychologist in the UCSF Department of Psychiatry and the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine. Her work is focused on promoting psychological, behavioral, and physical health outcomes during pregnancy and early parenting. Dr. Felder completed her Ph.D. in clinical psychology at University of Colorado Boulder, and her clinical internship at Duke University Medical Center. She completed post-doctoral fellowships in the NIMH-funded Psychology and Medicine T32 and in the Preterm Birth Initiative. You can learn more about her research and publications here.


Project Manager

Patricia Moran, PhD

Patty Moran

Post-doctoral Fellows

Meital Mashash, PhD

Carolyn Ponting, PhD


Clinical Research Coordinators

Richelle Mah

Richelle Mah received a BA in Psychology from the University of San Francisco (USF) in 2021 and joined the Felder Lab in May 2023. Prior to joining the Felder Lab, Richelle worked as a research assistant at the Stanford Project on Adaptation and Resilience in Kids (SPARK) Lab as well as USF’s Ethnic Minority Mental Health Lab. She is curious about how mental health conditions manifest differently among minoritized communities and is interested in the development and implementation of accessible, culturally competent interventions. She hopes to pursue a doctoral degree in clinical psychology to further explore her research interests. In her free time, she enjoys scenic hikes and savoring each bite of a delicious dessert.

Chenoa Levy

Chenoa graduated with a BA in Psychology from UC Berkeley in 2020, and started working at the Felder lab in July 2022. She is passionate about improving the accessibility of mental healthcare and is interested in finding ways to incorporate mental healthcare into our everyday practices. She aspires to pursue a medical degree and specialize in psychiatry. In her free time, she has been trying to master the skill of making the perfect focaccia.

Berni McClelland

Berni McClelland received her BS in Psychology from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in December 2020, and has joined the Felder lab in July 2022. She is interested in alternative treatments for mental health, and improving accessibility to mental healthcare for underserved communities. She hopes to attend a doctoral program in clinical psychology to continue her career in research. Outside of work, she loves to spend her free time traveling - prior to working in the Felder lab, she spent a year living abroad in Spain!


Lab Alumni

Gabriela Gutierrez

Gabriela received a BS in Human Biology and Society from UCLA and is now a second-year medical student at UCSF. She began working with the Felder lab in 2021, and is currently conducting research with Dr. Felder as a part of the Integrative Health and Applied Research (IHEAR) Summer Fellowship at the Osher Center. She is interested in practicing integrative medicine as a doctor and studying mind-body interventions. She is a certified yoga instructor and enjoys offering yoga classes to her classmates at UCSF. Outside of medicine, she loves spending time with her dog, reading, cooking, and hiking.

Sofie Janette

Sofie Janette received a BA in Molecular and Cell Biology from University of California Berkeley in 2021, and has been working at the Felder lab since February 2022. She is interested in integrative medicine, specifically nonpharmacologic ways to improve physical and emotional well-being. She began attending the University of Miami in the fall of 2022 for medical school. Other interests of hers include surfing, botanical gardens, yoga, cooking, and travel TV shows about food.

Sydney Morris

Sydney graduated with her BS in Psychology from Xavier University of Louisiana in 2019 and is currently a doctoral student in Palo Alto University’s clinical psychology program. Her current interests include Black perinatal mental health, community-based approaches to mental health, and exploring interventions and treatments for trauma occurring during pregnancy and birth. When she has free time, Sydney enjoys reading and spending time with her cat, Peach.



Riya Mirchandaney

Riya Mirchandaney received a BA in Psychology from Columbia University in 2020, and has been working at the Felder Lab since. She is interested in studying the intersection of sleep and mental health during transitional periods, such as pregnancy/postpartum and adolescence, and improving access to evidence-based behavioral interventions. Her non-academic passions include spending time with her cat, watching and talking about movies, cooking, and creative writing. She will be attending the University of Pittsburgh in the fall of 2023 in their doctoral program in clinical psychology.

Christine Won

Christine is a rising senior at UC Berkeley pursuing a degree in Public Health. Her interests in women's health and health equity led her to volunteering at the Felder lab. In her free time, she loves to bake!